Devblog 4

Rooms and Resources.

13 July 2018

Resources in SkyCruise have always been pretty boring: Power, Water and Weight are just 3 different invisible stats that limit what you can do. There’s no real interesting gameplay or emergent stuff that can come out of it. It's something I’ve been fixing this month.

Power and Water now run through circuits and pipes, with new props that get placed underneath the floor. The circuits need to connect to sources of Power or Water to carry their resource and each connection will add to your ship’s weight, so optimising your connections will be key.

Power and Water is also limited by how far they can travel, and larger ships may have to space their generators and water tanks around the ship in order to reach everything.

The basics of this system are in place, so making connections, viewing the connections and props turning on/off (with appropriate visual changes) are working. Next week I’ll be looking at making power levels fluctuate (a prop in use consumes more power/water than an idle prop) so you could potentially overload your systems, maybe even causing water leaks and fires.

Another system I’ve started implementing this week is a room system. At the moment all props are fair game in SkyCruise. Any passenger can use any bed, any chair and go anywhere. But no mass transit systems today (planes, trains cruise ships, etc) work like this, and it makes the passengers appear really erratic.

To solve this, passengers will now have a place on your ship to call home! By marking an area as a room, you’re signalling to the ship that this is a place that a passenger can sleep in privacy. Right now every passenger requires a room, so your passenger count is now directly tied to the number of rooms your ship has.

Several room types are planned, and each room can have different requirements. The basic economy cabin simply requires a bed and a chair, so it can be pretty barebones. The deluxe king cabin could have more elaborate requirements, like a double bed, a window, and several decorations. More advanced rooms will attract wealthier and more advanced passengers.

A recurring issue that has been brought up internally is the wall thickness. While the interior walls are easy to use when thin, it doesn’t look quite right when the same walls are used on the exterior of the ship. So after seeing some great concepts that showed how these walls could work, I implemented new exterior walls.

The best part? They only expand outwards, so they haven’t taken up any useable space.

As part of making some concept images, Howie produced some 3D models to show furniture styles and colours. They were liked so much that I decided to grab them and put a bunch of them in the game. As well as replacing the model on the chairs, beds and lights with more stylish designs, we’ve also added a new fireplace, wall painting, clock and coffee table.